School Age Before & After Care

Quality Care

We provide a safe, fun place for your child to both learn and laugh. Beyond babysitting, we provide curriculum-based activities designed to stimulate the emotional, physical, creative, social and intellectual growth of your child. Our certified teachers will provide a warm and nurturing environment for the school-age class in the lower level of the center.


Our van is able to provide free transportation for our child to and from the following elementary schools: Piney Ridge, Linton Springs, Eldersburg, Winfield, Freedom and Carrolltowne elementary schools.

Before School

For parents who need childcare before school, the center provides a variety of activities to engage your child such as board games, table games, a climbing wall, and a drama room. This service is available from 6:30am – 8:30am, at which point we will take your child to school.

After School

A nutritious snack is provided for your child when they arrive. A lesson plan is prepared for each day with various themes in mind. We begin with a “group time” where the group is separated into two age groups (K – Grade 2; and Grades 3-6). This is a time to discuss a question together, and learn to voice one’s opinion. There are also various activities such as art, science, math, or group games. Additionally, quite time is available when your child can read, study or do their homework.


While providing healthy food, we also encourage the children to develop healthy eating habits. Sometimes the teachers and children may cook together, and enjoy their output right away. For example, we might make “fruit kabobs,” frozen bananas dipped in yogurt, veggie dip, banana sandwiches, etc. We use whole grain bread, and organic fruit.


A typical schedule might look like:
6:30am – Children will start to arrive. Some may want to read or study in a quiet room. Others may choose to play a variety of games together.
8:30am – Children will go to school either by a school bus, or our van.
3:00pm – Children will arrive as a group either by school bus or van. Snacks are available for those who are hungry. Others may want to rest a bit before joining together for activities.
3:15pm – Most children want to go outdoors after a day of sitting in school. Outdoor group games or sports are organized.
4:00pm – We go indoors for Group Time and team-building activities. There might be group problem solving or decision making.
4:15pm – There are various activities to choose from, such as homework clubs, individual projects, reading, cooking, or talking with friends.
5:30pm – Finish activities and collect one’s belongings. Children may read alone or play a table game until their parents arrive.
6:00pm – The center closes.

All Day Care When Public Schools Are Closed

When public schools are closed, Rhymes and Reasons remains open all day to care for your child. The schedule is very much the same, with the addition of a morning snack followed later by lunch. Some outside time is designated both in the morning and afternoon. Occasionally there will be field trips, or special activities such as bowling or a movie.

Similarly, Rhymes and Reasons has expanded programs available all summer. The summer schedule allows for even more special projects and activities such as swimming, putting on a talent show or fashion show, or going to parks or museums.


Watching movies is not a part of our daily routine. This might be reserved as a special treat sometimes, or when the weather is not good for outside activity.

Parental Involvement

In order to provide the best possible care for our children, we believe the parents and children should work together as partners. The school year begins with a Parent’s Night when the program is discussed, questions are answered, and suggestions are heard. In the school-age program, there may be times when certain parents may be invited to come and talk about their career, to stimulate their thinking as they explore new horizons.

Themes for School – Age Class